Laura Martí
Gastronomy Area
Prodeca, Promotora dels Aliments Catalans - Generalitat de Catalunya
Tel. +34 93 552 48 20 


The Gastroteca is the most comprehensive digital catalogue of local Catalan agri-food products in Catalonia. It contains 250+ local food references with a fact sheet stating the territory of origin and classifying them according to food category, seasonality, nutritional attributes and properties, and quality seals. There is also an organic product section. 

All products are presented with reference to the producers, processors and establishmentswhere they can be bought, in addition to the restaurants, catering companies and hotel restaurants where they can be sampled, both in Catalonia and the rest of the world. 

The web also shows a universe with relevant information related to the product: recipes, excursions, a food event agenda and links to media and blogs, associations, unions and cooking collectives, etc.  

All of this interrelated data makes this a very comprehensive gastronomic search engine for Catalonia.



  1. Identify the entire Catalan agri-food product catalogue  
  2. Link up related stakeholders to raise their profile and boost product marketing  
  3. Propose solutions/benefits to agents and consumers 
  4. Encourage tourism linked to food and cuisine
  5. Promote Catalan products and cuisine with regard to knowledge and local and international turnover


Created in 2007. In 2019 we updated the visual and technological features and extended the contents.