#AlimentsDeProp (LocalFood): website to plate

One of the effects of Coronavirus on agri-food producers is that the closure of schools, restaurants, farmer's markets and other places that they supplied or sold directly, has made it difficult to sell their products. We are also seeing interest among consumers in reaching out to producers and continuing to eat local food

In these exceptional circumstances, the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, through Prodeca, has launched the Aliments De Prop ('LocalFood') website, to make it easier to buy and sell local food and drink by putting all individual and collective initiatives that link producers, processors and consumers together on one site

Hosted on the Prodeca website, #AlimentsDeProp is a search engine containing information aimed at companies and individuals on initiatives in the agri-food sector categorised according to area and product category, to raise their profile. Consumers can find information in the directory by selecting the area they want their order sent to and what they need. There are currently some 200 agri-food offers, including Catalan producers, establishments, wineries and cooperatives.

The group initiatives include producers and businesses that take part in Pagesia a casa ('Farming at home'), a scheme offered by the Farmers' Union enabling consumers to buy directly from agri-food producers, and SlowFood, which is run by various producers committed to sustainability to strengthen care for local agri-food biodiversity. Other group initiatives on the website are Productors Catalans ('Catalan Producers') and Gastrocampo ('Gastrofield'), a project based on solidarity to unite consumers and producers during lockdown. 

However, the #AlimentsDeProp site also contains the contact details for over 100 offers from individual producers, which are categorised according to type of food or drink, organic products, and delivery area. Although many producers have their own website, others do not, but the Prodeca website gives you all of the main details and contact people so that you can place orders from the comfort of your own home. 

The site offers consumers an updated list of producers who meet the search criteria that you put in. Purchases are made either on the website or directly from the producer or initiative.

For producers, there is a form for you to register and have your local food and drinks included.

This project is part of the #AlimentsDeProp initiative, which Prodeca launched on Twitter at the start of the pandemic. The hashtag was used to publicise local producers and consumer demand, and resulted in some 60,000 impressions and 1,500 interactions.

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