Strategic plan to boost competitiveness in halal-producing companies

This initiative addresses the need for promotion and internationalisation among Catalan agri-food companies that produce for the halal market, and was presented at Alimentaria 2018.

Halal Brochure


The Secretary General of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, David Mascort, launched the most complete guide to Catalan companies and products with halal guarantee certification at the Catalonia Food & Gastronomy Hub stand. The guide is an online directory to search for and learn about Catalan manufacturers and the characteristics of their products, while for buyers it is a guarantee framework to find certified halal producers and products.

Halal certification is a major business opportunity for the Catalan agri-food sector, which is why the Regional Ministry of Agriculture is working towards making Catalonia a reference point in this market also, by offering companies instruments to facilitate halal production and certification, as well as giving national and international consumers access to these products.

In keeping with its mission to support companies, Prodeca has also launched a Spanish version of the DAFZA guide 'Dubai: The Global Gateway to Halal Industries', an essential document to train and inform agri-food companies that want to produce for the Halal food market.

The guide is available on a specific area of the Prodeca website, which lists the companies and products that have a halal guarantee certificate. 

There will also be updated information on the halal offer in Catalonia and on the food and drinks markets that have certification. 

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