Seafood Expo Global: the world showcase for seafood comes to Catalonia

The Catalan coastline goes from the largest aquatic habitat in Catalonia of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, through the remains of the ancient capital of the Roman Empire of Hispania in Tarragona, and across 280 kilometres of beach up to the Costa Brava and Portbou. Catalonia’s mare nostrum is enhanced not only by its cultural heritage, but also its huge biodiversity, which gives local nature its form and consistency. Moreover, on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, the fisheries sector is a long-standing tradition in Catalonia.

Tradition, quality and innovation. These three factors will bring the world’s largest seafood trade fair - Seafood Expo Global - to Barcelona in 2021 for its 29th edition. Held in Brussels for 27 years, this move shows the organisers' robust commitment to consolidate growth.

As a major European seafood hub with strong gastronomic and economic levers for the sector, the choice of Barcelona as host is expected to create greater value and the capacity to generate opportunities going forward. 

Fisheries in figures

This sector, which employs some 4,500 workers, has seen a 25% decrease in catches over the last few years, while turnover has grown by 8%, increasing the value and quality of marine products. To supplement traditional fishing methods, the fish farming sector has grown as a necessary addition, through aquaculture, fish farms and new cultivation techniques adapted to our coastline and a large variety of molluscs, fish and crustaceans. 

Oily fish, white fish, crustaceans, seafood... Catalonia sells all manner of sea products, from both harvesting and aquaculture. With its progressive consumption quality, Catalan fish and seafood is sold around Europe, particularly in Italy, France and Portugal, which are the main destination countries for an increasingly attractive product.




Looking to the future

The last Seafood Expo brought together 29,000 people from 155 countries and 2,000 companies from all over the world to network and do business. Showcasing the latest in sea products, it attracts importers, exporters, wholesalers, restaurateurs and other companies in the sector. 

Running from 27 to 29 April 2021, the event is forecast to bring €100 Mn to Catalonia. It is an opportunity for the sector's supply chain to meet, as well as to shine a light on the new technologies used to achieve innovation and quality in producing and marketing Catalan fish, which is increasingly sold around the world.

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