The industry generates €236 M per year and employs 1,250 people, whose livelihood depends directly on sea and river resources.

The fish and seafood sector


The Catalan fishing fleet primarily operates in coastal waters and is in line with legislation on regulated species in Mediterranean fishing grounds that have been brought into force because of the need to protect fisheries resources from overfishing

In the last few years, catches have decreased while turnover has increased, revealing that fisheries products have become a luxury food and therefore demand the highest quality standards. Last year, catches amounted to 25,774 tonnes

Another change in recent years is the increase in fish farming as a necessary supplement to traditional fishing methods. As a result, the aquaculture sector has developed in Catalonia, with new cultivation techniques adapted to our coastline and a large variety of molluscs, fish and crustaceans. Freshwater trout, oyster and mussel fish farms have also been created in Catalonia. Aquaculture production stands at 7,192 tonnes.


In terms of foreign trade, these exports represent 3% of total agri-food exports. 




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Promoting local fisheries products

Fishing throughout the Mediterranean is predominantly coastal trawl fishing, from fishing grounds that are very close to the shore which vessels go to and from each day to sell freshly caught fish.

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